Experiments for the New Food Culture workshop, 16–20.11.2016

Passionate about food & design? Want to explore food practices and develop food experiences for the future?

This workshop is targeted mainly for the MA students of Aalto ARTS (2–4 credits). It is organized by the graphic design study program in collaboration with the Dutch food and eating designer Marije Vogelzang. She is a pioneer in the field of food design and listed by the Fast Company as top 100 most creative people in business 2015. More information: www.marijevogelzang.nl

In the workshop we are developing food cultures for the future by designing eating experiences & concepts and experimenting them. This is not a "traditional cooking" workshop but more design & concept oriented.

Time & Location:
16–20.11.2015, 9am–4/5pm @ Media factory, Arabia campus
(+ evening event on Friday)

Enrollment instructions:
Aalto Web-Oodi > DOM–E1000 Experiments for the New Food Culture.

Max 25 enthusiastic participants, enrollment deadline 1.11.2015.

Additional information:
Heidi Uppa, heidi.uppa@aalto.fi