Tania Rodriguez-Kaarto

Tania Rodriquez Garcia's (Doctoral Candidate) interests range from Graphic Design and language acquisition through the creation of learning tools involving adaptive design and interactive storytelling. 

Tania's research concentrates on how design solutions help foreigners acquire advanced skills in Finnish language to can speed their cultural assimilation process. In the search for tools that boost ‘Finnish for specific purposes’, this research as taken us to the realm of Applied Linguistics and Language learning studies which help to understand the potential of feasible adaptive design solutions in this area.

Tania has been a Doctoral Candidate since December 2012 and is now constructing a prototype for advance Finnish language learning in adults. The site has been tested and still under development. We are looking into the development of prototypes that augment the acquisition and use of Finnish language specific to different professional fields.

Tania is regularly teaching design software to BA students in the fields of 3D modeling, Conservation, Photography, Fashion design and textile design.